Bowel Movements in Dreams

This is a topic most people want to know but are afraid to ask! Remember, there are no dumb questions for dream interpretation because dreams are usually metaphor or symbolic. Bowel movement: Usually indicates dealing with your emotions or issues of the heart. One of the Hebrew words for heart means “bowels”…the inward parts (or […]

DREAM GEM: Blue Luminous Snake

Someone requested a symbol to be interpreted from our Dreamscapes Dream Dictionary App (only .99 cents!) and I thought I would share because I feel it’s important to many of you how sneaky satan is and can make things seem really good. Here was my response to them: It may be possible that I need […]

ZOMBIES in Dreams & Culture – What does it mean?

I’m totally fascinated by the popularity of Zombies – and not in a good way. I think disappointed or baffled would be better words to describe my feelings. About 14 years ago, the Lord began to teach me to pay attention to what is going on in real life and interpret it the way I […]

DREAM GEM: Cops/Police

Ever have one of those dreams with police in them…either chasing you or arresting someone? Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad. Cops/Police are a very common element in dreams. Remember, CONTEXT is ALWAYS the key to a proper interpretation! Keep the attitude, feeling and actions that were INSIDE the dream, not the ones you […]

DREAM GEM: Check the Facts!

When getting an interpretation of a symbol, always check Holy Scripture FIRST…pursue the Ancient Path. You will be surprised at how much is in there! One easy place to go to search is . Look under their SEARCH tab and you can either search in the Bible for all the scriptures using that word […]

Interpreting Holidays in Dreams

Have you ever had Christmas in a dream and wondered, “What on earth is that here for?” It’s a very common occurrence to have holidays in your dreams, especially Christmas. I have been writing my dreams down daily for the past 10 years. One of the most difficult things to interpret, it seems for me […]

DREAM GEM: Antique Furniture

I have found furniture most often to represent wisdom and understanding in dreams. Proverbs 23:3-4 says Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches. So furniture filling a house could represent knowledge. Antiques are from the past and are […]

How God Uses Music to Speak

Ever wake up with a song stuck in your head?  Or have you had a dream with a song in it?  I used to blow off song lyrics stuck in my head when I awoke and chalked it up to an annoying interference that I couldn’t seem to get rid of.  After studying dreams and […]


A symbol without context means absolutely nothing. Just as it is with studying Scripture, CONTEXT is what drives the interpretation. ~ Take a LION – it’s nothing unless you throw it into the tribe of Judah…then it’s a KING, Majestic in power and might, ruler of all, courageous…it’s JESUS! But if you take a LION […]