2012 Warning Dream Revisited

WARNING DREAM FOR THOSE PROFITING FROM MINISTRY – Please read through to the end because I continued to get further revelation about the interpretation. Even though this dream was from 2012, it still applies today and is worth meditating on. Oct 1, 2012 I had a very serious warning dream 2 days ago and again […]

Bowel Movements in Dreams

This is a topic most people want to know but are afraid to ask! Remember, there are no dumb questions for dream interpretation because dreams are usually metaphor or symbolic. Bowel movement: Usually indicates dealing with your emotions or issues of the heart. One of the Hebrew words for heart means “bowels”…the inward parts (or […]

DREAM GEM: Blue Luminous Snake

Someone requested a symbol to be interpreted from our Dreamscapes Dream Dictionary App (only .99 cents!) and I thought I would share because I feel it’s important to many of you how sneaky satan is and can make things seem really good. Here was my response to them: It may be possible that I need […]