AA Plane Crash Warning Dream

As most of you are aware, MOST dreams are metaphorical and not literal. There are times we dream symbolic things that literally come to pass, but that is usually the exception. I had a dream recently and I feel I’m supposed to post it as a warning of something to come. I will brainstorm on possible interpretations and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal it in its time.

DREAM TITLE: 3 American Airlines Planes are About to Crash

I was in the back of a pick up truck and we were in a hurry. I looked up and saw 3 American Airlines jumbo jets full of people.  Two were on my right very close to each other, traveling to the west or left – slowly descending and one was on the left traveling East or to the right, coming down. The three planes were not nose diving, but were definitely going down. The pilots were working hard to get as much control of the plane as they could so they could try to land ok and survive. We knew we had to floor it because it looked like the planes would crash into each other and intersect at the exact time our truck would be at the same point. We needed to hurry and get beyond that point so that the crash would not hit us or we could also die. I noticed how all the planes were completely full of people. The plane on the left had been attacked and the fuselage was open toward the back of the plane and I saw a huge group of people on fire and I was concerned about all the people who may die. There was lots of smoke coming out of the area that was hit. <woke up>


A truck usually represent an instruction to “get to work” on something. I believe the American Airlines JUMBO Jets could represent many things. 1. America (American Airlines) 2. JUMBO Loans in America and another financial CRASH. 3. They may have possibly been the new DREAM LINERS (although that was not made clear in the dream)…and if so, may possibly represent ministries that teach on Dream Interpretation. The reason for this possibility in my opinion, is because the dream was mine and I do dream interpretation. 4. While I seriously doubt it, it’s always possible that there may be literal elements in dreams and perhaps there will be an attack on America – perhaps even on a plane. 5. Planes in dreams can mean several things…They can represent companies, ministries, organizations, etc., or it can also and many times at the same time represent that GOD is making something PLAIN to us. 5. If this dream is from the Lord, and I believe it is, it can have multiple interpretations and they can all be right all at the same time! Just as the Word of God can have layers of meanings, any time God speaks – even in dreams, it can have layers of meanings and hidden messages, warnings, instruction or encouragement. Smoke represents PRIDE. This downfall will probably be because of pride. Smoke can also represent a smokescreen – a hidden plan of the enemy to destroy people.

The number 3 often represents something that God is doing (there were 3 planes). It may also reveal it will be something that happens soon. Kim Clement has recently posted that he feels the Lord showed him something coming soon on America as well as others that have posted dreams and warning from God about an attack on America.

A few things about the planes: The one that was attacked may represent either a literal attack on America, a difficult time (attack) for organizations in America, and/or a Spiritual attack that is affecting a large portion of people in America or in an organization.

The people on fire may represent people who will be affected financially and either be “fired” from their job or laid off, or it may represent people who are going to hell and need salvation. It may also reveal people who are being exposed to a spiritual attack because of a lack of spiritual covering. I feel this is instruction to pray for America, for our financial situation, pray for people who have not yet come into a real relationship with Jesus Christ, and pray God makes it PLAIN (plane) to those who are running companies, ministries, etc., because a plane going down means a gradual loss of control or there may be control issues within organizations, lack of discernment, and perhaps a “steady decline” financially or morally. One thing for certain was that all 3 of these planes were DEFINITELY going down, and I feel that was also revealed through the 2 planes on the right, as the number 2 can mean established or definite…there was NO WAY for them to stay in the air. There may also be a word play concerning big things that are “up in the air” (undecided) with America right now. That may also reveal that things that have been “up in the air” or undecided, will now come definitively to an end and it wasn’t certain if people would survive it or not. I feel devastation (financially, emotionally, spiritually, perhaps even a literal physical attack, etc.) is coming to America and will affect many and we need to pray to God for mercy and grace and strategies and definitely pray for those that will be directly affected by it – pray for salvation!

I feel part of the instruction is to hurry up and get your finances in order and get to work doing what God has called you to do or it will also “impact” you!

God often speaks in riddles and hidden sayings as well, so there may be hidden insight, like why it wasn’t UNITED…it may reveal a hidden issue of lack of unity, etc. There may be hidden scripture for 747…etc., like Chapter and verse 7:4-7, etc. I am still researching, but felt the urgency to release the message as soon as possible today.

I think having to “floor it” in the dream, means to “press in” and do it “fast”. I also think the word floor may reveal that it’s something that will metaphorically “floor” us (take us by surprise) and I also believe floor may indicate a need for humility (to get low).

I had this dream on the morning of December 10th, 2013. Since then I have had other warning dreams that I believe indicate there is a definite crash coming to businesses in America…In another dream, I saw them crumble from the top. I believe that to mean that those in charge at the top of government and businesses will fall and it will cause the entire thing to begin to crumble. We really need to pray and take this seriously!

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