DREAM GEM: Cops/Police

Ever have one of those dreams with police in them…either chasing you or arresting someone? Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad. Cops/Police are a very common element in dreams.

Remember, CONTEXT is ALWAYS the key to a proper interpretation! Keep the attitude, feeling and actions that were INSIDE the dream, not the ones you think when you wake up! (although there are reasons for that, too, but that’s in a more advanced teaching).

Here are the top 3 interpretations for Cops/Police: Accusation, Conviction or Protection

1. ACCUSATION – I’ve had good cops and bad cops in my dreams. I used to think all of them had to be good because police are supposed to be good, however, the Lord showed me that sometimes police in dreams, when they’re mean or doing something illegal or wrong, they usually represent people that act like “police” and want to hold everyone to “the LAW”…spiritually. Those are the people that give you a long list of do’s and don’ts and nit pick on you or accuse you. When it’s bad, it may also represent condemnation vs. conviction. Condemnation is when you feel you’ve done something bad but don’t quite understand exactly what – the enemy never wants you to be free and if he told you what he was accusing you of, you could fix it, so he doesn’t or he will keep bringing up something you’ve already repented for in hopes to make you feel bad still…DON’T FALL FOR IT IF YOU’VE REPENTED! True conviction gives hope…it reveals what needs to be corrected and gives hope for a way out and reward for obedience. If the cop is convicting you of something you didn’t do, that’s the Lord showing you that you are NOT GUILTY of what you’re feeling badly about OR it may be you don’t feel you’re guilty of what others are accusing you of.

2. PROTECTION – Good police can often represent God’s protection or those that serve others with the right motives. Police are called to “SERVE AND PROTECT”.

3. CONVICTION – AND THIS IS USUALLY WHAT IT MEANS …It’s usually something concerning YOU and that you feeling CONVICTED about an issue! If you’re running from the police, it may reveal that you’re running from an issue and are not allowing the Holy Spirit to convict you of something.

It goes without saying that dreams may have literal anchors in them. So for instance, if the dream is about someone who is in jail, etc., the police may indicate a literal issue, though not necessarily.

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