When Metaphor is Real and Real is Metaphor

God created me to be an interpreter, so it stands to reason I LOVE interpretation! I remember even as a child loving to solve riddles, find the hidden pictures in Highlights magazine, playing games that required clever wording like Mad Gab, etc.

The longer I interpret, the more I’m absolutely convinced that metaphor is the REAL language of Heaven and what we consider “real” here on earth is just metaphor in Heaven to explain to us a spiritual principle. Romans 1:20 says, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse…” This verse in context is explaining that everyone will be without excuse when they stand before God…they will not say they didn’t hear Him because EVERYTHING invisible (of Heaven) is understood by the things you DO see (of the earth). God speaks in everything all the time. He uses the tangible things to explain the intangible things…He uses the things you understand to explain the things you do not understand.

I’ve been interpreting for over 13 years and have met some incredible people who have had amazing supernatural experiences in heaven, on earth, with spirit beings like angels and demons, and the longer I do this, the more I realize GOD PREFERS TO SPEAK IN METAPHOR…that, THAT is the “real” language of heaven and what we consider “real” or tangible here on the earth was really just placed here to explain how to understand heavenly concepts. In other words, METAPHOR IS REAL AND REAL IS METAPHOR.

After I learned how to understand how God speaks metaphorically in dreams, I began to apply that to my own real life experiences and situations and said to myself, “If this were a dream, what would it mean?” and with very few exceptions it was correct! Discovering God was speaking that way propelled me to interpret everything!

When I would meet with people who had heavenly encounters, angelic or demonic encounters or other “weird stuff”, I would interpret it and it would make COMPLETE AND TOTAL SENSE TO THEM! It was simply amazing! I would interpret how the angel was dressed and what it meant and I paid attention to details like emotions, colors, numbers, etc., and it would reveal the purpose for the encounter. Even when people would see Jesus in their dreams, visions, trances or other scenarios, I would ask them, “How was He dressed? What was His expression? Where did He take you? What color were His eyes?” etc., and it would unlock the mystery of why He revealed Himself to them.

We must learn God’s symbolic love language if we are to hear from Him all the time in everything everyday. He is speaking to you personally and longing for you to know how He cares about the details of your life. Did you know that there are over 8,200 figures of speech in the Bible? WHY??? Because it causes you to stop and have to understand…a figure of speech or symbolic speech is used usually with things you understand to convey a message about a spiritual thing you don’t understand. He wants you to seek, search, ask, knock, and most of all…FIND HIM! You can’t find something you’re not looking for…

We will be offering an abundance of courses to help you understand the God’s Symbolic Love Language. Even if you don’t dream, learning dream interpretation will unlock the scriptures for you because it will teach you interpretive principles that will unveil layers in the Bible. Did you know Jewish Rabbis believe scripture is like a diamond with 72 facets to learn on every ONE thing God says? In addition, they believe there are 7 layers of meaning to scripture…there is so much to be gained if you will get out your interpretive metal detector and go hunting for treasure!

Most of our classes end in “OLOGY” because that means “the study of”. We prefer to remain in a state of believing we’ve not yet “arrived” or perfected ANYTHING. We believe it we will remain in a state of learning. Some dream interpreters tout labels like Master or Superfluous Interpreter. The ironic thing about Superfluous is that some of the synonyms to that word is “needless, unneeded, nonessential, useless, excessive”. I’ve been interpreting for over 13 years and the longer I interpret, the more questions I have and I realize only God can give the correct interpretation case by case. Interpretation involves a foundation of Godly principles, but it is by no means a formula – if it were, it would be witchcraft.

Jesus is the ONLY MASTER and titles should describe your function, not feed your pride. I’ve also had numerous dreams interpreted by these so-called “master” and “superfluous” dream interpreters and RARELY are they correct, and in some instances they were not only wrong, but dangerously, blasphemously wrong! GOD WANTS YOU TO LEARN TO HEAR FOR YOURSELF AND INTERPRETERS SHOULD ONLY HELP YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TO GET THERE!

Interpreting dreams and everything else is incredibly subjective and it’s our belief you should approach interpretation as more of a line of questioning, not ridiculous absolute statements that demand you are the one with the answer. God will not share His glory with ANYONE…especially not a dream interpreter.

Above & Beyond exists to equip Seers, Dreamers and Believers to live and love Above & Beyond and to fulfill their God-Given Destiny. Years ago, when I asked God what I was to tell people I do, in a playful way He told me I was a Destiny Fulfillment Coordinator 🙂 lol. We are all called to be that! We are all created to help one another reach our full potential for the Glory of God and the building of HIS Kingdom…not our own kingdom or ministry or reputation.

Our website contains the full description of the classes we offer in our School of Spiritual Excellence, but here is a sneak peek at some of our upcoming courses to help you hear from God for yourself:

Dreamology 1.0 – Pursuing the Ancient Path – A Biblical Foundation for Dream Interpretation
Dreamology 2.0 – Understanding Biblical Dreams & Visions
Dreamology 3.0 – Peering Into Heaven’s Mysteries
Dreamology 4.0 – Dreamography – The Art of Journaling and Dream Mapping
Dreamology 5.0 – Jedi Dream Tips & Personal Dream Mentoring
Dreamology 6.0 – Certification in Biblical Dream Studies & Interpretation
Dreamology 7.0 – Instructor Certification in Biblical Dream Studies & Interpretation
Godology 1.0 – The Study of the Names of God (More Godology Classes coming!)
Symbology 1.0 – The Study of God’s Symbolic Love Language (More Symbology Classes Coming!)
Psalmology 1.0-5.0 – The Study of the 5 Books of Psalms & Their Tactical Purpose
Prophetology 1.0 – The Study of Prophets & The Prophetic (More Prophetology classes coming!)

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