What Tattoos Mean & What About Interpreting Real Ones?

A Tattoo in a dream usually means that something – good or bad – has made a permanent impression on you or something that has been ingrained in the dreamer, such as a way of thinking, acting or feeling. Pay attention to the details for further insight, such as the type of Tattoo, how you felt about it, etc.

If in the dream, for instance, you felt ashamed of the Tattoo, then perhaps it reveals that someone has made you feel ashamed, they made a permanent impression on you with how they treated you.

If the Tattoo in the dream is positive or has a symbol that is, then interpret it likewise. For instance, if you have a Rose Tattoo and in the dream you were thinking of the rose of Sharon, then there is scripture for that an it reveals that JESUS has made a permanent (good) impression on you or you are MARKED for HIM, meaning specifically chosen and set aside for His Glory.

If the Tattoo was noticeably painful, then perhaps it’s something painful in your life that has forever changed you.

Take note of the image of the Tattoo, the color, the condition, the placement, etc. Everything has meaning! A Tattoo on your eye, for instance, may have to do with the way you SEE something. A Tattoo on your face may have to do with your identity or how you see yourself or how you think others see you, etc. See the specific body part for further interpretation.

Tattoos are symbols, patterns and legends, so it usually reveals something symbolic, a pattern of thinking or acting, or a parable for something in your life.

I often get asked what I think about people focusing on interpreting Tattoos. I am currently working on an entire blog about tattoos and will go in-depth about what I feel scripture says about it, but here are two quick thoughts about focusing on interpreting Tattoos:

1. I teach and believe that God can and does speak in everything, so I do believe that tattoos can be interpreted. HOWEVER, I believe the KEY is if the LORD HIMSELF points it out to you to interpret. With God, context and motive are always vital to interpreting. It is case by case, individual by individual, context, context, context!

2. I think it can be dangerous to set out on a mission to interpret tattoos as a focus and have a formula in place to do so. When God speaks, it is individual and it is AS HE WILLS to each individual. Sometimes focusing on one specific thing, like Tattoo interpretation can not only draw attention to it when God doesn’t want SOME to even be exposed to it, but it can force other people to focus on it and some have even wanted to get a Tattoo after finding out what certain things mean. In the Tattoo world, there are many vile and unholy symbols, patterns & legends. I believe that while God can interpret those for you, He may not necessarily want to expose you to many of them. For instance, if you had a teenage son or daughter who did not know what pornography was, would you show it to them in case that ever needed to know what it meant? Would you let them smoke crack so they would know how addicting it could be? NO!! Be as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent. I personally feel it’s wrong to promote something that may cause people to stumble. Tattoo interpretation, in my opinion, should be as the LORD BRINGS IT TO YOU…not something you should go after and encourage others to go after. I also think we must be incredibly careful not to teach a formula for interpreting tattoo symbols (I’m not saying that is happening, I’m just cautiously warning you to discern if something is becoming a formula in anything). I believe the Lord has shown me that anything that becomes a formula is witchcraft. God is not a formula that can be bottled and sold. PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND INQUIRE OF THE LORD.

I want to be very clear that some may be called by God to do this…I’m just sharing the unction in my spirit that it could be dangerous to expose those who are NOT called to do this. I know Godly people who do this and I cannot say what God has told them to do or not to do – that is between them and the Lord. People, however, are asking for my opinion and it’s my opinion that you should be clearly called by God to focus on anything that can defile. I believe it’s safer not to go after evil things unless God brings it to you to clarify it, redeem it, etc. (And I’m not saying all tattoo symbols are evil – most are not, but there are definitely evil symbols in Tattoo legends). God can give it to you on the fly (instantly) when you need it – I’m just not sure you need to study it unless it’s part of your specific calling and God has told you to.

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