ZOMBIES in Dreams & Culture – What does it mean?

I’m totally fascinated by the popularity of Zombies – and not in a good way. I think disappointed or baffled would be better words to describe my feelings. About 14 years ago, the Lord began to teach me to pay attention to what is going on in real life and interpret it the way I do dreams. Since that time, I have been diligent to watch patterns, movie titles, news headlines, etc., and ask the Lord what is happening in the spiritual realm. The physical realm is a manifestation of what is going on spiritually [Romans 1:20].

Zombies seem to be such a huge part of culture right now in movies, tattoos, video games, etc., and I’m totally baffled about what the attraction is of a grotesque dead piece of human coming to life, only to actually be lifeless. Zombies originate from West African origin (cf. Kikongo zumbi “fetish;” Kimbundu nzambi “god”), originally the name of a snake god – python god, later with the meaning “reanimated corpse” in voodoo culture. It’s also the snake god of voodoo cults in the West Indies, especially Haiti, and in scattered areas of the southern U.S. – probably from Louisiana creole word meaning “phantom, ghost,” from Sp. sombra “shade, ghost.”

I’ve only had one dream with zombies in it. I believe the Lord revealed to me that in addition to their idolatry meaning of worshipping a demon god, they metaphorically represent those who are dead in their sins and just going through life without the One True God and being manipulated by satan. A Zombie, after all, is the living dead – those people who may be living, but are spiritually dead.

Normally, I would just list a bunch of things a symbol could possibly mean, but as soon as I realized the significance of this symbol, and that it has such demonic roots, I felt it was important to try and capture your attention to the seriousness of it. Are you fascinated with Zombies and love them? I challenge you to ask yourself why. Why would anyone love the thought of a dead corpse without a will or ability to make choices? It’s a perversion of what God intended and I personally believe it’s a serious warning.

With that said, here are some possible meanings to Zombies – in both your dreams and in your real life attraction to them. For dreams, context is the most important aspect of how to interpret the symbol.

– Zombies in dreams most often represent those who are spiritually dead. That means that they have not yet received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and believe that He is the one and only Son of God, was crucified on a Cross for our sins and rose from the dead on the 3rd day and is now seated at the right hand of God. Zombies can mean to be dead in your sin without salvation and eternally separated from God. If you feel this may represent you and you would like to make sure you have eternal life with God, go to our website at www.gatewaytodreams.com and click on the tab at the top called “Invite the Light”, it will give you further insight and information.

– It may reveal those who are feeling like they’re just going through the motions in life without a purpose and are often people who have lost the will to live. If you are a Christian and feeling this way, then simply ask God to fill you fresh with His Spirit. Sometimes we feel this way as Christians because we are in sin and have not repented. If you are in sin, then simply cry out to God and ask for forgiveness and STOP sinning and you shall be refreshed. Sometimes we feel this way because we need spiritual and emotional healing. God can resurrect anything from the dead – even hopes and dreams and your soul. Simply cry out to God and ask Him to resurrect you! If you’re feeling this way and you are not a Christian, then consider asking Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior and to fill you with His Holy Spirit and you will be empowered and given a new destiny and purpose!

– To be non-responsive, apathetic, lacking in independent judgment, or on auto-pilot – to mean to act without thinking and just going through the motions. It may also reveal a person lacking wisdom and is not intelligent.

– A Zombie is also a piece of computer code that instructs an infected computer to send a virus on to other computer systems. If in the correct context, a Zombie may be giving you a hidden clue to a problem with your computer. This may also be metaphor for people who try to ruin things for others (computers being people’s minds or way of thinking and a virus representing thoughts and opinions that are evil).

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