Bowel Movements in Dreams

This is a topic most people want to know but are afraid to ask! Remember, there are no dumb questions for dream interpretation because dreams are usually metaphor or symbolic.

Bowel movement: Usually indicates dealing with your emotions or issues of the heart. One of the Hebrew words for heart means “bowels”…the inward parts (or seat of the soul) [Strong’s Concordance H4578]. The stomach in general usually represents the heart in dreams as well. The bowels is where you “process” stuff, which is why it represents emotions….processing things in our heart.

Pay attention to the details. For instance, constipation in a dream may represent a difficult time or unable to process something. Constipation is also a lack of water, which can represent the spirit or emotions, so it’s possible it’s an indication to seek God in how to deal with a situation and if the lack of water represents a lack of emotions, it may reveal a need to get in touch with your emotions in order to deal with something in a healthy way. With the correct context, constipation may also represent dealing with an issue and being too “hard” on someone else, but usually it’s the dreamer that’s dealing inwardly with issues.

If it’s diarrhea, it may represent having a lot to deal with all at once. It may also reveal being ruled by a situation or emotions. Diarrhea may indicate a lack of control regarding emotions or painful situations as well.

If it is a soft bowel movement, it probably indicates dealing with something in a healthy manner and seeing it wasn’t as “hard” as you thought it was going to be!

See! It wasn’t that bad, was it?

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