2012 Warning Dream Revisited

WARNING DREAM FOR THOSE PROFITING FROM MINISTRY – Please read through to the end because I continued to get further revelation about the interpretation. Even though this dream was from 2012, it still applies today and is worth meditating on.

Oct 1, 2012
I had a very serious warning dream 2 days ago and again the next morning I had a serious dream telling me to pray for mercy regarding the first dream. I don’t necessarily think each of you need to hear this, but I know it can’t hurt and I’d rather be safe than sorry and be in disobedience to God. You may not feel this is for you, but you may know someone it will definitely affect, so please take the time to prepare your heart to read it with the intent to respond to God if He speaks to you.

Please note you will be just as accountable if you are in leadership and witnessing this and refuse to address the situation. I cannot stress enough the fear of God on me concerning this warning…it was certainly going to be addressed and not too far away.

URGENT WARNING DREAM for leaders in ministry (felt heavily leaning towards prophets/seers – but could be leaders in general, too): DON’T MISTAKE GOD’S MERCY FOR GOD’S APPROVAL.

THIS IS a bit lengthy – please read if you’re in ministry – especially if you are prophetic and/or a leader….and it’s a bit messy (I didn’t intend on writing quite so much…but kept feeling pressed to include more details) – but I felt the Fear of the Lord to release it as soon as possible so I didn’t have time to polish/perfect it.

We have to always be mindful not to mistake God’s mercy for God’s approval. JUST BECAUSE IT WORKS, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S GOD. Many think what their doing in ministry is OK because there have been no repercussions. That may not be the case!

Just because something is working for you and there hasn’t been discipline from God, doesn’t necessarily mean you have God’s approval. You may be doing it in your own power with God’s mercy and grace, and you may have selfish ambition that is blinding you to the truth [Jeremiah 17:9]. Sometimes God shows up IN SPITE OF US, and many times for the sake of others, not us, and because He is slow to anger and abounding in mercy and is hoping and waiting for us to repent and obey so He doesn’t have to discipline His children [Psalm 103:8].

I had a severe warning dream 2 days ago and did not post anything yesterday and God awoke me this morning at not quite 4:30am (I think 4:24 or 4:26…may have significance) this morning with a dream and telling me urgently and firmly to PRAY FOR MERCY! – as a direct implication He meant about yesterday’s dream – there was such urgency to it. The first dream revealed time was running out for God’s mercy, and I was to FIRMLY to warn people to repent and also to pray and ask for more mercy because judgment is definitely coming. Please do not be prideful and think it’s not you…it’s all of us.

In my dream this morning, God’s judgment was definite, but praying for His mercy meant it wouldn’t be as severe or last as long. (I’m still praying and asking Him to change hearts and relent on the discipline we all deserve). I believe I was shown that it hasn’t fully unfolded yet, so there is time to search your heart and confess to God every area of sin and pride and STOP IT and repent.

God highlighted to me in yesterday’s dream those in ministry that were in complete idolatry (greed, money, pride – there was a huge table with a green Buddha) and the buddha was actually a bong & a hookah on it and it was making them lots of money) (a bong & hookah is used for smoking – usually illegal substances) – they were walking in serious pride & rebellion (smoking represents being puffed up and marijuana represents rebellion)…and they were using and marketing God’s Word and their prophetic teachings and giftings to make money. They were charging people money to take teachings, such as dream interpretation and MANY other things. In one part of the dream, they took the Buddha and rolled it in a big piece of raw dough and there was excess dough that needed to be cut off. THIS SPEAKS OF PEOPLE IN MINISTRY WHO ARE “WRAPPED UP IN MONEY” – “ROLLING IN THE DOUGH” TO EXCESS and it needed to STOP and be cut off! I knew this was a follow-up warning to my dream from a year ago titled “Dead Man’s Curve”. [link in case you need to refer to it is: http://www.scribd.com/doc/108615328/Dead-Mans-Curve ]
I beg you not to willfully blow this warning off – please humble yourself and allow God to search your heart and show you your true motives.

In my dream, ministers (representing all types of leaders in the church – especially, it seemed, in the area of the prophetic circles of ministry) were beyond feeling, having their conscience seared and didn’t care and weren’t moved by this warning even though this was a confirmation to them and knew it was from God. I knew they cared more about making money than anything else and money and status was their idol (thus the GREEN buddha that made them money). They were making money off the Word of God and off their prophetic gifting and God was ANGRY! [Ephesians 4:11-19, 1 Tim 4:2] There was a good table that represented God, but it was much smaller than the big table that made them money. They made no money (teaching freely) on the Godly table (which was facing a different direction and was rectangular vs. square) so they didn’t spend much time at that table (they were not truly communing with God or sharing things from Him freely…they were not “coming to the table” of true fellowship with God.

God is about to turn over the tables of the money changers (those inside the church making money on the Word of God)…and even worse…He wants to totally destroy the tables this time, not just turn them over! If there isn’t repentance, not only may your life be turned completely upside down, but it may be utterly destroyed if you have been warned and warned and are not heeding God’s gracious promptings. [Proverbs 15:10]

In the dream, I delivered the warning from God to them very firmly, but I knew once I left, they would go right back to making money off the Word of God and it’s teachings because they didn’t have a conscience anymore and were past feeling [Ephesians 4:18,19]. It was made known to me that if this wasn’t addressed by others also in leadership, I was not to associate with these types any more or align myself with anyone doing this [1 Tim 4:1, 2; 2 Tim 3:6-15]. When I delivered the message to them, the conviction came, they knew it was from God and His mercy for them was paper thin – GOD ROARED THE WARNING THROUGH ME TO THEM (I rose up as tall, if not taller than them by the power of God and God was standing behind me roaring HIS message through my mouth. My right pointer finger nailed them to the wall (which is the prophetic and the judgment finger) in their throat and they became paper thin.- they KNEW it was absolutely from God, not me – it was simply a confirmation of what He was already speaking to them…and they blew me & the warning off anyway, rolling their eyes and not caring – there was NO FEAR OF THE LORD [Ps 36:1; Romans 3:18; Job 28:28; Ps 111:10; Prov 1:7, 1:29, 8:13, 9:10, 14:27, 15:16, 15:33, 19:23, 22:4]. I feel the eyes also refer to the prophets & seers who are God’s eyes and mouthpiece – and I feel the hookah represents many of God’s mouthpieces who were in rebellion – also, smoking represents pride…being “puffed” up.

There was a specific warning for ministers and churches to also STOP MAKING MONEY OFF OF THE GIFTINGS OF OTHERS!! I feel God has shown me when you profit from having someone else speak to your group, you are a spiritual pimp and it’s usery – using someone else to share intimate things from God with others for you while you make a profit from it – that’s what pimps do…they pimp out someone else to please and share themselves with others and then they make a profit off of them. (I again think there’s hidden insight to the word play PROFIT = PROPHET)

Finally, not sure completely what it means yet, but the leaders I was addressing (in a home church) were Korean (since received insight posted below). My spirit feels like some of you will absolutely know what it means for you personally (perhaps if you are about to travel to Korea, etc., or if you have a home church/group, etc.) The head leader was a very spiritually mature and nice man…which I feel represents someone who is spiritually mature and on the outside, appears good and nice, but is not responding to his conscience…it’s been seared…they’ve been warned so many times, they don’t feel the conviction as much anymore. The man in the dream was more concerned about pleasing his wife, who didn’t want to change. I believe she represents the church and he represents leaders who have more of the fear of man than the fear of God and just want to be man pleasers – afraid they will lose their ministries if they speak the truth.
Please forward this warning to those in ministry. I will write up a more detailed account of the dream and the warning when I feel released by God to do so. ——————————————————————-

DATED Oct. 2, 2012
UPDATE on warning dream from yesterday – further revelation. Please read dream from yesterday if you haven’t.

I think I received revelation of why Koreans were in my dream. A friend of mine (u know who you are!) ministered a difficult word to the Korean church last year, and the word was that even though they were the largest church in the world, they were the deadest church in the world and while they started out right and strong, they got lost in status & money…the point was, what started out good was out of focus and the foundation needed to be rebuilt. I feel strongly that’s what the Korean people in my dream meant…those that started out right, but got lost in the money and prestige of title, travel, recognition, …selfish ambition. I also think for some, it will be a specific reference of extravagant travel and even specifically travel to Korea, for some.

In my second dream the next day, it was as though God was imploring me to pray for mercy…that I hadn’t done anything yet about the dream from yesterday. It was URGENT. Even after mercy was prayed for in the dream, judgment (discipline) came and it silenced a man (in the form of putting him under for surgery by covering his mouth with a folded dish rag that had chloroform on it – I feel representing the prophetic mouth, or a person “of the cloth” for 2 years -(the number is probably metaphor for definitive/established). …and then after that they had to be silenced once more (again, twice…I feel that means definitive/established). Praying for mercy shortened the time they were silenced. The really sad part was that it also affected the wife and children – they also had to have this happen to them. I feel that represents that it will affect the church/His bride, and all the spiritual children who follow these people – it was made clear they were suffering judgment because of the man. (It may also represent literal marriages and families that will be affected by this judgment. There was a separation between the man and the family – I feel it may represent those in ministry that will lose their church for a time and/or literal separation in marriage for some. The encouragement is that they would again, be together after the surgery – God working on their heart & motives is what was implied.)

After pressing into God on why chloroform, I received a download! it was revealed because it’s a pharmaceutical and whenever I see that in dreams, it usually indicates either sorcery (having to do with medication or other substance issues) or something rebellious and false (like false prophet or teacher – because it comes from the soul, not spirit. Chloroform also numbs or puts people under. That represents people who have become numb – past feeling (no fear of the Lord) The word for soul in the Greek is transliterated psychē. What’s incredible is that when I looked up the root word from which that word came from, which is Psycho, it means:

1) to breathe, blow, cool by blowing
2) to be made or grow cool or cold
3) metaph. of waning love

…..WOW….THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE MESSAGE OF THE DREAM WAS! Matthew 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound , the love of many shall wax cold.” Chloroform is also a sweet tasting liquid, but it puts people to sleep or puts them “under”. I think this represents that the people “under” them are being put to sleep (spiritually) with sweet words that they want to hear – false teaching, false humility, false prophecy that numbs people from the truth of God and His Word. [2 Timothy 4:3, 4 – For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4) They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. I also feel the scripture from Isaiah 29:10 applies: “For the LORD has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, namely, the prophets; And He has covered your heads, namely, the seers.”

Chloroform in a big dose can kill. It was also prominent, that when he awoke from the chloroform, he didn’t remember anything. I got the following verses…which go along with the buddha being on the table: Hosea 13:6, 2:13; Jeremiah 23:27; Psalm 78:11, 106:13; Judges 3:7.

It is my prayer for mercy for all and that we humble ourselves and wake up to God’s warning and ask Him to fill us again with the Fear of the Lord – which keeps us from falling asleep spiritually. I also pray the Lord does not send a spirit of stupor on those that refuse to obey – Stupor may be HIS chloroform that puts people to sleep if they refuse to listen.

I also want to heavily highlight something I did not give enough importance to when I shared the dream the first time. That is this…some of you are leaders observing these things happening in ministry. Leaders who were observing these things happening in the dream and did not confront the issues or did nothing were going to also be held accountable. The issues needed to be addressed by any other leaders in ministry that observed these things. If you say nothing…you will also be dealt with as being just as guilty. I strongly implore you to stand up for righteousness and not fear man, but only the Lord and call people out who are pursuing travel, fame, fortune, and who are becoming cold to correction and to sound doctrine. The Lord will reward you in spite of their response or lack of a response.(In the dream, the Korean man was more concerned about what his complaining wife thought he should do. I think this speaks of those that are more concerned about what those in the church think and say about them – they are man-pleasers.) ———————————————————–


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