If The Shoe Fits

There are many hidden things that will only mean something to the dreamer. For example, no one would know I have struggled with getting up in the mornings my entire life and when someone named Dawn is in my dreams, it represents “the dawn” as in, the morning. Symbols may also have a specific memory or meaning to the dreamer that no one else will know. It’s important to make a personal assessment of a symbol for yourself when interpreting. It may have a meaning no one else will know, and therefore, it won’t be a possibility listed in any dream dictionary.

If suggestions don’t seem to make sense, they probably aren’t the right interpretation for a particular person or dream. Keep searching and meditating on the dream elements and symbols…until the proverbial shoe fits! Use Ancient Biblical Scripture, dictionaries, encyclopedias, your life memories and Google or another search engine to discover other possibilities.

The details of a dream are like puzzle pieces…some may seem to fit at first, but a closer look sometimes reveals it’s the wrong place or the wrong piece. If after you turn the “piece” around and try to get it to fit and it doesn’t, move on and try another “piece”…until you get PEACE!