Context is the KEY!

As you approach interpreting a symbol from a dream, it’s imperative to keep the symbol in the context that it was given inside of the dream. In ancient scripture you will discover the same symbol was used for positive, negative and sometimes literal or neutral purposes. A couple of quick examples are lion and water. Jesus and satan are compared to a lion (see this symbol in the dictionary portion of this app). Likewise, water can represent the Holy Spirit or strong emotions that are overwhelming or a multitude of other things.

CONTEXT RULES THE INTERPRETATION OF ANY DREAM OR DREAM ELEMENT. Remember to interpret the context that was inside of the dream and not your waking thoughts and emotions. When we sleep, it allows things to be revealed without hindrance from our waking logic. Waking thoughts and emotions do play a role with your dreams, but the first step is to simply interpret the actual dream without external input.

KEEP ALL SCRIPTURE IN CONTEXT! Biblical scripture references are included many times to reveal how God speaks or to share what He specifically said about an issue. It is important to read the verses surrounding the references in order to keep them in context. The verse itself may not make sense unless you read the entire chapter. Also, not all scripture possibilities are listed, so just because it may not be in this booklet, doesn’t mean it’s not in ancient scripture. By the same token, just because a symbol may be in scripture, doesn’t mean it can’t have a definition for it that is not in scripture. God can choose whatever He wants to speak to us and He knows our own personal frame of reference. Remember, symbols are almost always metaphor for something else, so anything can be used to convey a message to you. God uses things you understand to explain things you do not understand, so it stands to reason He will use personal examples for each dreamer to explain something to them.