Interpret Inside Out

Dreams happen in another dimension. Whether it is in our psyche or in the spirit realm, there are things that happen there that don’t happen or make sense in the physical or natural realm.

When interpreting, it’s vitally important to use the context of the emotions, thoughts, and observations that were happening while INSIDE of the dream. It is incredibly common for people to wake up and begin to mix their natural emotions about something in the dream that did not feel that way while inside of the dream. For instance, a common example is being naked in a dream.

If, while INSIDE of the dream, being naked felt normal, natural, or good, it probably represents something good. Being naked, for example, can simply mean no hidden motives, innocence or vulnerability. When we wake up from dreams like that, our natural minds tends to over analyze it and think, “naked has to be bad”, so we begin to freak out and wonder if we did something wrong. News flash: God created us naked and unashamed, it was only after sin that we became aware and ashamed. And remember, dreams are mostly metaphor.

If, however, while INSIDE of the dream, being naked, for instance, was not a good thing and other immoral things were happening while INSIDE of the dream, the interpretation may be that too much is being revealed (information, motives, etc.), perhaps there is sin and it’s being revealed, or maybe it’s a literal anchor that is exposing adultery, pornography, or other issues. We find, however, this is a symbol that is almost always metaphor and not literal.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: CONTEXT is always the KEY ~ and the context you use is the context that is INSIDE of the dream to begin your interpretation and not your natural knowledge, opinions, fears, etc., that happen upon awakening.