Literal Anchors

Even though it goes without saying, there will be things in dreams that will help indicate what the dream is in reference to in real life. We call these “Anchors”. Anchors are things in your dreams that are “anchored” to real life let you know what the dream is about.

We have found that anchors are usually situations or emotions. Most dreams are us simply processing our emotions, so when approaching an interpretation, take a look at the prevalent emotions in the dream and ask if those emotions are what is being currently dealt with in real life.

For instance, if in the dream there is a lot of fear or confusion, ask if there is fear and confusion in an area of your life right now. If so, it’s probably what the dream is about…processing that fear and confusion.

Situations can be things like arguing, dealing with something at work, marital issues, etc. Ask if any of the situations in the dream are happening in real life…if so, the dream may either be helping you process the situation or it may be encouragement, warning or wisdom of how to handle the situation.