The most common mistake when interpreting dreams is by far mistaking the dream or it’s symbols as being literal instead of metaphor.

One of the most important things you can do is to begin practicing metaphorical thinking. People and numbers in dreams are the most difficult to interpret because of needing to most often apply them metaphorically instead of literally. So many people think numbers are literal for dates, amounts, etc., when in fact, they rarely are.

In ancient scripture, people are often used as archetypes of an issue, situation, moral condition, or even nations. There is no substitute for asking God for help, spending time with Him so that you know how He speaks, and reading God’s love letter to you…the Bible, to see the pattern of how He has always used metaphorical speech to communicate.

God uses physical things to explain spiritual things so that you will understand more fully. In other words, He uses things you understand to explain the things you don’t understand. That’s why Jesus always spoke in parables so that they would apply their heart to fully understand.