Classes – SSE

SSE Stands for the School of Spiritual Excellence.

Above & Beyond exists to equip Seers, Dreamers & Believers to live and love Above & Beyond and to fulfill their God-Given Destiny. We have created The School of Spiritual Excellence to facilitate that.

All courses are designed and created to be fun, interactive spiritual encounters. Your understanding will accelerate and you will fully grasp spiritual concepts as you actively participate. This is the model that was used in the ancient Hebraic culture and the ancient scrolls of scripture. True learning does not merely come from having information, it comes from applying it. It’s only information until it’s applied…and THEN it becomes true knowledge.

Most of our classes end in “ology” because “ology” means “The Study Of”. We believe the Christian Life is not one you ever become completely perfect at, therefore, it takes a lifetime of study. This is what it means to be a true disciple of Christ…to study the Master and follow Him.

Here are the classes we currently offer:
Godology 1.0 – The Names of God
Christology 1.0 – Unveiling Jesus in Symbols, Types & Shadows
Christology 2.0 – Becoming an Authentic Disciple
Dreamology 1.0 – 7.0 – Dream Interpretation & Certification Courses
Symbology 1.0 – Understanding God’s Symbolic Love Language
Psalmology 1.0 – 5.0 – The Study of the Psalms & Their Tactical Purpose
Prophetology 1.0 – The Study of Prophets & The Prophetic
Intimate Passage – Spiritual Retreat