Intimate Passage

In the recesses of our heart is a longing for more intimacy with the one who created us. We are desperate to truly feel the love of God and to enter into a higher realm of our spiritual experience with Him. 

Intimate Passage PictureThe Intimate Passage experience emerged as a result of a dream given by God in 2003 that continues to evolve and reveal itself. The dream expresses God’s heart that is longing for deeper intimacy with us and it reveals hidden secrets to our own intimate passage with God.

Delve into the depths of true spiritual intimacy that will propel you into your destiny and help you discover why you were created. You will embark on a journey that will take you into the very heart of God.

This course will ignite a fire within that will empower you to aspire higher. This is a divine appointment for you to encounter God.  You will never be the same.

Let Intimate Passage:

  • Usher you into a deeper level of intimacy with God
  • Help you realize the depths of God’s love for you
  • Share secrets that will propel you into your destiny
  • Infuse you with hope and expectation of Gods plans for your life
  • Identify what is hindering your spiritual acceleration
  • Discover how to create an exciting atmosphere for spending time with God
  • Open your spiritual eyes to see the way God does

Intimate Passage can be tailor written to accommodate conferences, seminars, or retreats. Content can be customized to address leadership, women, church groups, or marriages. Contact us for more information or to schedule an event.