Bathroom Dreams

Bathroom dreams symbolically represent dealing with issues in different ways depending on what you are doing in the bathroom, such as being on the toilet, in the shower, in the tub, at the sink, etc. It often reveals that you are going through a “cleansing” process.

Being in the bathtub often represents spending time with God or “soaking” in His presence or “bathing” yourself in His Word. Water many times will represent God’s Holy Spirit. You may want to pay attention to the temperature of the water. Being lukewarm is not a good thing!

A bowel movement many times may indicate dealing with issues of the heart. The Greek word used in the ancient scrolls for heart actually means bowels or intestines.  It often has to do with mercy and compassion.

Sometimes being constipated may mean that you are having a difficult time dealing with something in your heart. Conversely, diarrhea may indicate that you are being ruled by your emotions and revealing too much. Diarrhea may also be an indication that you have a lot to deal with right now and it may take some time to heal. Urinating can be an indication of getting rid of some bad behaviors in your life.  Needing to urinate badly often refers to simply feeling a lot of pressure and needing some “relief.” A lot of toilet paper would reveal that there is a lot of work to be done or a lot of issues to deal with.

Going to the bathroom in public usually indicates that you are going through a purifying process that others will be aware of. They will see that you are going through something. Many times it represents others can see the change in you.

Dirty bathrooms often indicate that the dreamer’s environment needs to be “cleaned up.” They are in a place in their life that does not contribute to the destiny that God has for them. Similarly, a stopped up toilet may represent that the dreamer is in an environment that does not contribute in a positive way and allow them to deal with issues in a healthy way.

Shower dreams can represent that God is helping the dreamer get rid of some things in their life that distract them from their destiny. Many times it represents changing your thoughts to Godly thoughts.

Washing your hands can represent changing your negative habits or ways, as in “washing your hands of something” (of involvement). It may also mean you are absolving yourself from responsibility.  Sometimes washing can mean to tell the truth, as in “coming clean.”

Looking in the bathroom mirror reveals something that “reflects” you or your image. It could have to do with how you see yourself and perhaps God wants to show you how He sees you.

A vanity may be a word-play for being vain, as in prideful.