Dreams of Losing Teeth

Inevitably, if you ask someone if they dream and they either say no or they don’t remember their dreams, you can ask if they’ve ever had a dream of losing teeth and they will say yes.

Losing teeth represents an area of your life that you are having difficulty “chewing on things,” as in processing them or that you’re having a hard time “breaking things down” in a way that you can make sense of it or understand.  It reveals that you need wisdom concerning something in your life.

If specific teeth are involved, it may be giving more direct instruction or insight as to the issue. For instance, if you are losing your wisdom teeth, then you are in need of wisdom.

If you are loosing your “eye” teeth, then it may have to do with an ability you have for the prophetic (we often refer to the prophetic as “seers” or the “eye” of the body) and it may indicate you are in need of some understanding.  “Eye” teeth may also be a word-play for “I” teeth…meaning about the dreamer…as in “I” or “me”.  In this case it would be indicating that the dreamer may be losing some discernment about their own life in a specific area.

Incisor teeth may have to do with losing the ability to be decisive or indecisive or even possibly having to do with having insight.

False teeth would indicate that your understanding is coming from a false teaching. You may think you understand, but false teeth may reveal that the understanding you have is incorrect.

There are many other interpretation about teeth in general also. For instance, teeth in dreams in general usually represent relationships you have.