Dreams with Nudity

Nudity in dreams can be petrifying upon awakening. Sometimes they are unnerving even while we are in the dream. Despite how we may feel in the dream or after waking up, dreams of nudity are often very good dreams.

Most of the time, nudity represents that you have nothing to hide and you are being vulnerable with others or you may feel vulnerable. It can also indicate that there are no hidden motives and you are being transparent.

Other dream resources suggest that there is shame involved. Please understand they are completely and utterly WRONG. God NEVER EVER uses shame.  That is a ploy of the enemy of your soul to make you feel bad about yourself. Disregard any concepts that indicate you have something to be ashamed of. Our God is loving and remember that He created us naked from the very beginning. If you are doing something wrong, God will lovingly convict you, not condemn you.

Nakedness may also indicate that you feel vulnerable and are concerned that others will see your true self. It may indicate that you are uncomfortable regarding a situation and you may feel “exposed”, but it is not a negative thing.  It may simply represent how you may be feeling.

Always remember that God is good – ALL OF THE TIME.  He never communicates with fear, shame, or condemnation. Please put your heart and mind at rest that nakedness in dreams are almost always a very good thing representing that you are honest and transparent with people.

There are always exceptions and please be mindful that context is the key. There are some naked dreams that involve sexual issues and sometimes those can come from our soul and not from God.  Refer to “sexual dreams” for those interpretations.