Dreaming of Snakes

If you will look back to the ancient Hebraic text, you will find that satan is represented by a serpent. The bible refers to satan as the father of lies in the book of John 8:44. Therefore, snakes in dreams usually represent lies (many times it represents believing a lie about God), deception, or accusations.

To “be a snake” is someone who is deceptive or someone who has ulterior motives and will deceive to get what they want. A snake is also a long “tail” – tail is a word-play for “tale”…a lie.

The bigger the snake is, the bigger the lie, false belief or deception. The type of snake will also give you further insight. Here are some brief examples:

Little white snakes = Little white lies.

Rattle Snake = Someone who is trying to “rattle” you or intimidate you.

Water Moccasin = Having to do with a lie or “sin” that will surface. (Water MoccaSINS glide on the surface of the water)

Python = A lie, a belief, or an attack that is intended to “squeeze” the life out of you. You feel you’re being suffocated (metaphorically).

When interpreting any element in a dream, look for the characteristics and any specific details such as color, name, type, etc.  I find that doing a search in an encyclopedia, a dictionary, or online is incredibly helpful.

The question to ask is, “why was this chosen to communicate to me instead of something else?”  The ingredient to look for is the characteristic or nature of the element.