Dreams of Taking a Test

Dreams of taking a test are some of the easiest to interpret. They mean that you are being tested! Isn’t that profound?

Other indicators will clue you in as to what you’re being tested on or your progress and how you are doing.

If you are in school, what grade are you in? That will give you further clues. Are you in elementary school? Perhaps you are being tested on some elementary issues that are foundational to your destiny before you can move on. The level of difficulty in school can give you insight as to the level of difficulty of the test sometimes.

The wonderful thing about God is that if you fail a test, you get the opportunity to keep taking it until you pass! It’s best to study so you pass the first time! God’s tests are an open book test and He provides the book…the Ancient Hebraic Scrolls (The Bible).

The purpose of being tested is so that you can show God you can be trusted for a promotion towards your destiny. How will you handle the situation your in? How you handle obstacles and trials in life have everything to do with you reaching the fullness of your destiny. As the saying goes, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle what happens to you.”