Dreams of Falling

Falling dreams are among the most common dreams that almost everyone has experienced.

Falling can indicate that the dreamer is feeling like things are out of control in their life or in a specific area of their life, such as at work, home, in relationships, habits, etc.

Not hitting the bottom may represent that it feels as though this “out of control” feeling will never end.

Some people actually hit the bottom in their dreams and are jolted out of their sleep. Hitting the bottom can indicate that this feeling of being out of control is coming to an end and you will again be on “solid ground” or feel in control again. It may also indicate that the dreamer is making choices that are detrimental to their destiny and they will “hit bottom” or have and it’s time to make better choices.

Many times dreams serve as a warning so that issues or events can be avoided. If it is a warning dream and not simply a reflection of how you’re feeling, it could be God’s way of imploring you to seek Him in the matter and ask for His help. He longs to help you!