Dreams of Flying

Flying dreams are some of the most fun dreams people experience. Dreams have a way of allowing us to do things that in the natural we cannot do.

Flying in dreams many times is in indication that the dreamer is “rising above” their circumstances and learning how to operate in their spirit and not their soul. How high, fast, and with what control will reveal the level of their spiritual maturity in an area.  Many times flying may also show that the dreamer is creative or it may indicate that they have a prophetic ability that God has given them.

Trying to fly with much difficulty can mean you are trying to do things in your own power instead of allowing God to help you.

Flying in a plane often indicates you are part of something bigger, such as a company, church, group, etc. If the plane is going higher, then it indicates success. If the plane is crashing, then it is warning you things are out of balance and if things “keep going in the same direction” there will be failure.

Context is always the key to a correct interpretation and sometimes paying attention to the emotions or details in the dream will give you further insight. Take note of your feelings in the dream. For instance, are you excited or scared? This will give you clues to the interpretation. Look for the details such as how you word the action in the dream. For example, if you’re flying in a plane, is it “taking a nose dive”? Noses can represent discernment, wisdom or it can even represent a word-play…nosey. This detail may give you a clue why the plane is crashing. Either because people are getting involved in matters they shouldn’t be (nosey) or they are lacking discernment or wisdom. Sometimes having a plane or being on a plane in your dreams can simply mean that God is trying to make something “plain” to you. Isn’t God creative and fun?