Approaches to Interpreting

It’s incredibly important to go back and read “Before You Begin” first before you begin to interpret. A lot of basic training is covered under that section.

When interpreting symbols, take the following into consideration and ask yourself if it reminds you of anything or anyone in your life right now. For example, do the answers describe an attitude, an emotion, a situation, a person, etc.

•THE ATTRIBUTES – This is especially true for animals, food, people, etc. Many times, the attributes of an element will actually be representing the attributes of a person or situation in your life.

•THE PURPOSE OF THE ELEMENT – What is the element supposed to do or be used for? Is the element performing its purpose or lacking in it? The purpose of specific elements in dreams often is being used symbolically to describe people, their motives or their roles in life.

•THE CONDITION AND/OR DESCRIPTION – For example, is it abandoned, rusty, beautiful, smooth, bright, etc. Conditions are usually adjectives. You will discover that the condition will usually describe something else in your life that can be described the same way, such as your job, your marriage, your feelings, etc. Specific descriptions, such as size, color, etc., may also be metaphor and will have to be interpreted for further insight.

•OBSERVATIONS of the element while in the Dream, such as things that stood out, things that were great or wrong about the element, etc. Ask yourself if there is any area of your life where this is also being observed. For instance, if you had an observation that something in a dream was unusually big, perhaps there is something or someone in your life that is uncommon, original and/or more than you expected.

We also recommend to always consult the Bible first, then a dictionary, encyclopedia, or do an internet search for more info.