What FAT means in a Dream & Real Life

YOUR BODY IS SPEAKING…WHAT IS IT SAYING? For years God has shown me that if you interpret what is going on with your physical body, it will often reveal what is also going on with you spiritually. Sometimes it will also indicate what is going on with the “BODY” of Christ. This morning God confirmed […]

AA Plane Crash Warning Dream

As most of you are aware, MOST dreams are metaphorical and not literal. There are times we dream symbolic things that literally come to pass, but that is usually the exception. I had a dream recently and I feel I’m supposed to post it as a warning of something to come. I will brainstorm on […]

DREAM GEM: Check the Facts!

When getting an interpretation of a symbol, always check Holy Scripture FIRST…pursue the Ancient Path. You will be surprised at how much is in there! One easy place to go to search is www.blueletterbible.org . Look under their SEARCH tab and you can either search in the Bible for all the scriptures using that word […]

Major Shift

On June 3rd, 2013, I awoke from a dream knowing it was from the Lord and I was supposed to share it with the body of Christ. I believe it is a prophetic dream for the time we are in right now. Whenever there is a dream from God, there will ALWAYS be scripture for […]