ZOMBIES in Dreams & Culture – What does it mean?

I’m totally fascinated by the popularity of Zombies – and not in a good way. I think disappointed or baffled would be better words to describe my feelings. About 14 years ago, the Lord began to teach me to pay attention to what is going on in real life and interpret it the way I […]

What Tattoos Mean & What About Interpreting Real Ones?

A Tattoo in a dream usually means that something – good or bad – has made a permanent impression on you or something that has been ingrained in the dreamer, such as a way of thinking, acting or feeling. Pay attention to the details for further insight, such as the type of Tattoo, how you […]

Prophetic Word or Encouraging Word?

To discern means to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different; discriminate. Example: “He is incapable of discerning right from wrong.” We need to pay attention and learn to discern the difference between an encouraging word and a prophetic word. In our effort to be encouraging to one another, we will often give encouraging words, […]

When Metaphor is Real and Real is Metaphor

God created me to be an interpreter, so it stands to reason I LOVE interpretation! I remember even as a child loving to solve riddles, find the hidden pictures in Highlights magazine, playing games that required clever wording like Mad Gab, etc. The longer I interpret, the more I’m absolutely convinced that metaphor is the […]

What FAT means in a Dream & Real Life

YOUR BODY IS SPEAKING…WHAT IS IT SAYING? For years God has shown me that if you interpret what is going on with your physical body, it will often reveal what is also going on with you spiritually. Sometimes it will also indicate what is going on with the “BODY” of Christ. This morning God confirmed […]

David & The Lion

Just as Jesus would use parables to convey spiritual truths to people, so the way of dreams often go. God will often use dreams to show you deep spiritual truths that relate to your personal life. If I may, let me give you a sneak peak behind the proverbial curtain into my life recently so […]